Study Circles – What Would Help Everyone Succeed?

Education is important to everyone, from babies to senior citizens, and is more than just our K-12 public schools.

The Lemhi Partners in Education team wants to learn more about the complex issue that is education in our community.

They will be hosting small group conversations about what it takes to succeed in our community. These guided conversations are called study circles. They are 4 hours long (some will be consecutive and some not) and will be led by a neutral facilitator using a guide developed by the University of Idaho; it will prompt in-depth conversations about what it means to be educated in our community and what we can do to help.

Study circles will take place throughout the summer and results will be presented to the community in the fall. If you would like to join a circle – or host one – please sign up with Katie Hoffman (contact information at the end of this email)! You do not need to be qualified in any way to participate or host. There will be a short, 1 hour, training for facilitators.

Facilitator Training at the Brooklyn Annex, Ste 203:   Contact Katie Hoffman for more information

Find more information about the program by clicking on these links:

  1. What is a Study Circle?
  2. Tips for Study Circle Participants
  3. The Role of the Facilitator


Katie Hoffman, Family/Consumer Science Extension Educator

Phone: 208-756-2815 ext 301

Office Hours: 8AM-5PM Tue-Thurs


Lemhi County Extension

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