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  • Do you have your HS Diploma or GED?
  • Do you have your CNA?
  • Have you taken a College Entrance Assessment and the classes required prior to applying?
    • ENG 101 – College English
    • ALLH 101 –  Medical Terminology
    • Math 112 – Math for Healthcare Professionals (EITC Specific)
    • HCT 103 – Fundamentals of Human Anatomy (EITC Specific)

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Spring 2018 NRS 117 – Essential Fundamentals of Nursing – 4 c

NRS 117L – Essential Fundamentals of Nursing Lab-2 c

NRS 107 – Intro to Pharmacology – 3

Fall 2018 *NRS 143 – Foundations of Medical/Surgical Nursing I – 5 c

*NRS 207 – Intro. To Maternal/Child Nursing – 3 c

HCT 125 Nutrition for Health Care Professionals – 1 c

Spring 2019 *NRS 144- Foundations of Mental Health Nursing – 2 c

NRS 230 – Leadership for the PN – 2 c

*NRS 243 – Foundations of Medical/Surgical Nursing II – 5 c

Exam prep/ National examination (NCLEX-PN)

* these classes have extra hours for clinicals

Things to Consider: 

This opportunity to earn your LPN (Technical Certificate) while living and working in Salmon is rare; it may happen again, it may not.

You can’t get an LPN online, but once you have it you can earn an RN and BSN online (or mostly online) at a later date – so this opportunity is very valuable toward future nursing degrees.

It will likely be a competitive program, meaning more people will try to be accepted than are actually accepted.  Doing well in your pre-requisites and scoring high on the TEAS test will improve your chances.  Get good grades!

LEP has free adult tutoring in place already and will continue it throughout the LPN program; LEP has a free computer lab for your use; LEP is developing TEAS test prep classes for Spring 2017.

This is a convenient way to earn the LPN but it is not the quickest; if you are in a hurry you can move to a college town and complete this more quickly. LEP can direct you to those resources.

This is college – adjust your mindset for the next few years.  You will have homework, tests, and deadlines. You will have to make sacrifices in other areas for a short time to make this work in the long run.   It will be worth it !